How to Ask a Girl Out?

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  1. Even if you’ve found each other in the Internet, don’t use messages to ask her out. You can ask her phone number and call. A girl should realize that you have a clear intention and you are a confident man.
  3. Evoke a positive emotion. This is a smooth transition between “Hi, how are you” and your invitation. You can say, for example: “How’s your day going?” She’ll answer and ask about yours. You should reply something like: “Perfect, now when I’m hearing your voice”. This will make her smile which is green light to you.
  5. As soon as you hear her positive response, present her your suggestion, sound relaxed and confident: “Why don’t we meet for a cocktail/walk in the park, etc… (specify the day and time)” You can introduce here your own idea but pay attention: you must define what you two are going to do. Otherwise she’ll imagine you as a kind of loser who invites a girl out and behaves awkwardly, not knowing what to do.
  7. In advance think of at least 2 alternative variants if you hear that she’s not excited about your suggestion or can’t go out when you offer. If she declines again and again, ask when she is going to have some free time. In case you are getting something indefinite in response again, it’s likely she is not interested in you or has someone else in her mind. Don’t insist anymore. Say neutrally “Ok, then, bye” and add “Send me a message if you change your mind, ok?” The girl may be really too busy and after she fixes all she has to, she may think of your invitation and contact you.
  9. If the girl agrees, congratulations! Your last task is just to restate the time and place of your meeting: “So, I’ll be waiting for you (where and when)? Ok, see you!” Here the girl may say something: “Ok, but I’m not sure, maybe I’ll have to change my plans…” That means she wants to keep you as a backup variant. Don’t let her! Say you are a busy person and have lots interesting to do, so if you don’t plan this meeting now, later you won’t be able to. Boost your significance in her eyes! Let her think that you are a worthy guy and she may lose a really fun date.

 On the date day call her once again to confirm the place and the time of meeting. As you see, everything is quite simple. You just need some confidence and a drop of imagination to plan an interesting date. Good luck!

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